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The Safe Mobility for Life Coalition provides information and resources to raise awareness and improve the safety, access, and mobility needs of Florida's aging road users. The resources available will help educate older adults, families and caregivers, and community partners on how to achieve safe mobility for life.

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Florida's Guide for Aging Drivers

The Guide for Aging Drivers is designed to help older adults continue to drive as long as safely possible while sharing information to help prepare for the day when they retire from driving.

The Guide continues to be well-received with 30% of requests coming directly from Floridians who want to continue staying safe and mobile as they age!

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To receive a printed version of the Guide, please send your name and mailing address to:

FSU Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy
Safe Mobility for Life Resource Center
PO Box 3061121
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Email: safe-mobility-for-life@fsu.edu
Phone: 850-644-8426

Please allow 5-8 business days to receive your Guide in the mail.


See below for events in your community that can help you to remain a safe driver.

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You Hold the Keys to Your Transportation Future

Its true! Only you know the best way to stay mobile, whether you are driving or not.

Tools to Help You Plan for Your Transportation Future

Family definitely tops the list of what's most important in life. But maintaining your independence is a close second.

Maintain Your Mobility Without Solely Relying on Family

One day you're driving your kids around, and the next, your kids might need to drive you around. ITS LIFE!